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    Mohammad Shafiq said,

    Assalam-o-alikum wr wbkt
    in your homepage you have written about denmark. you wrote that Shehzad Ahmed is responsibel for denmark markiz but for the last 2 years he is not responsibel for denmark no more and now we have shoora in denmark. so please delete the name of Shehzad Ahmed.
    jazakALLAH o kheer

    >> Mohammad Shafiq :
    Wassalamu alaikum wr. wb.
    Thanks for your information. Please give me other karguzari about tablighi work in Denmark

  2. 2

    Umair Zulfiqar said,


    Masha Allah ! May Allah except you and your efforts. Very impressive information. I was just a bit curious as to where you got all these adresses from. Jazakumullah Umair Zulfiqar London

    >> Umair Zulfiqar :
    Thanks for your coming. May Allah help our efforts.
    Aljohan Indonesia

  3. 3

    Mohammed Fiyazudeen said,

    Assalamu Alaikkum I Am Fiyaz From Tamilnadu I Want The Details Of Please Give Me The Karguzari about tablighi work in tamilnadu state in india .

  4. 5

    Abu Yusuf said,

    Asalamu Alaikum,
    We have Muntakahb al hadiz, Hayat al sahabah, fazail sadaqah, fazail amal available for free download. Also byans and karkuzari go to http://www.islamicbulletin.com

  5. 6

    Muhammad Usama Alam said,

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    I think you should specify somewhere that “Tablighi Jamaat” is what people call and it’s not an official name. I know many people who consider it a Firqa however it is not a Jamaat, not a Firqa, not a Tanzeem instead this is the responsibility of all the Muslims to spread the message of Allah and Muhammad (SAW) not only the Tablighi Jamaat.


    • 7

      Abdul-Moiz said,

      Exactly this tableeghi jamaat says “this is resposibility of every Muslim “and also says NO to Firqawaariat !!!!!!

  6. 8

    mohomed abbas said,

    pl.inform me the updates

  7. 9

    tibyani said,

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    I am in Wakamatsu Kitakyushu Fukuoka

    Where are you my friend ?
    Let`s go to dakwah ta`lim dzikir Ibadah Khidmad


  8. 11

    Muhammad Hassan said,

    May Allah-Pak blees all of you i am from Pakistan (sindh) Mirpurkhas. in mirpurkhas there is lot of fast growing working of Tablighi Jamat’s works or Dawat-e-Illallah i am very happy and feel hounour because i am a part of this Jamat i want to learn in london and i need help of Tablighi boy whos live in london if is there any English boy or tablighi boy available for me so plz contact. 0092331-3704992.

  9. 12

    Mohammed Shibulullah.T said,

    Yes,, there is no other way except Da’wat to get back our lost proud and dignity and in my understanding one can rise his eeman at a better level by four months by going Jama’th than a person practicing under a sheikh for years

  10. 13

    nader said,

    Assalamou alaycom
    Here is the new adress of Tabligh markaz in Tunisia:

    Cheikh Abdelhamid Bouzayene
    Markaz Tabligh
    Dar Lamen
    Kairouan Tunisia

    • 14

      maqdoom said,

      salam …
      A friend of mine is coming to tunisia
      he is a native of tunisia but now resides in europe
      when he is visiting tunis, which masjid should he visit for joining the dawat work …
      please let me know the addresses of the masjid where there is good work so that the brother can visit there and learn the work …
      also is there a weekly program in tunis?
      wassalam –

  11. 15

    Husain said,

    Hi I am Husain i am form pune i want to know details of jamat and i am aslo part of this jamat

  12. 16

    Yakubu Giwa said,

    Assalamu Alaykum:

    Its gives me a great pleasure to find this blog and others site of our Jammat Tabligh through facebook.com which my name there is Giwa.A.Giwa AM so glad and happy to read all more about our Jammat and i will be happy to have more friends here so that we can share ideas from each others. Please keep on with the work of Allah and His Rasul; May Allah grant us Jannat.

    I will also try to put in dawah in my blog on: http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com/ so that the whole hummat can take clues and guidance.

    Yours In Islam Tabligh Jammat Nigeria.
    Yakubu Giwa

  13. 17

    Aizal Julkree said,


    Incoming Ijtema’ in Malaysia.. pls syor to syura,elders..
    Hope 2 c all karkun Insha ALLAH

  14. 18

    ALi said,

    Can you kindly send me the 16 usools of TJ. I’m in the process of writng an ariticle and cannot locate these usools on the net.

    The usool are something like: 4 do’s, 4 don’t, 4 avoid etc..

    • 19

      Assalamo aalaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatoh,

      pass most of your times in..
      1.Dawah ( Inviting people towards ALLAH)
      2 Taalim
      3 Zikr
      4 Solah

      not to do..
      1 Don’t Sawal (asking someone for financial or worldly help)
      2 Don’t act for sawal
      3 Don’t waste times or money.
      4 Don’t touch others property without permission.

      Do these things lessen..
      1 Lessen sleep
      2 Lessen treat
      3 Pass less time out of the mosque
      4 Lessen worldly talk
      may ALLAH be with you and your family

      your Muslim brother,
      Abdullah Al Sakif

  15. 20

    Kashif said,

    I just want to say that “Tablegi Jamat” being a large jamat of the country and the only jamat who is working in 250 countries of the world and having a large setup in “Raiwind” to cater about 2.0 Million people at a time; why don’t you people give that place to flood affected people. Almost 1 million Pakistanis have been displaced by the extensive flooding in the country, they are in need of Funds to get much-needed medical supplies, food, water. Because huge donations is required for payment of medicines, vaccinations, emergency equipment, ambulance rental, fuel, food, water and logistics to get these supplies through the difficult terrain into Pakistan’s flood-affected area. People are still awaiting relief even three weeks after the floods caused massive devastation to their houses and crops. Although flood waters have receded, it will take a long time to rebuild the area and re house the displaced people. Most of the scenic villages along the river banks now lie in ruins
    If those affected people are catered in vast and organized place of raiwind, it would be most easy to help them. Please think and act at the earliest.

  16. 21

    the tablleghi jammat is needed more for japan from india bangalore because ther are more bangaloreans in japan so please send a jammat from bangalore and the dawat work is very week in japan thank you very much

  17. 22

    Abdul Waheed said,


    May Allah swt reward you for your efforts. I am basically from India but have come to Malmo, Sweden for a project. Can you please suggest some contacts through whom i can get to know about the tablighi work here and participate in it.

    jazakallahu Khair

  18. 23

    SHOAIB said,

    Assalamalekum friends..//I’m shoaib ahamed…
    In my 3class ,i listened about Hajrat jee moulana ilyaz ra…
    and when i do dawah tabligh….I inspired by some of the akabirs(old scholars of our tabligh jamat)..I want to know their lives..How they spend in Dawat..
    I started to know,and research…i usually ask AALIMS OF OUR CITY AND VARIOUS..
    to see my akabirs …and to know more..and finding bayans of old scholars…
    finally I posted some of the valuable informations regarding dawat tabligh jamat…
    pl z visit ,and share to Ur friends.,jazakALLAH.

  19. 24

    Yakub Giwa said,

    I will like to inform you that i dont know any address of Tabligh there but i only know of Ghana and Nigeria here I am living. If you visit here i can give you the details even be with you till you depart thanks. You can contact me on: mr.giwa@yahoo.com or +2348022378660

  20. 25

    Yakub Giwa said,

    Tabligh is not Jamath for; everybody is Tabligh; Whether Aleem, Ustaz, Imam, Ulama, Governor, President, Chief, Counsellors, Chairman in Islam…..e.t.c all are Tabligh. Am Yakubu Giwa from Nigeria. Lagos State / Ogun Tabligh. You can contact me on: mr.giwa@yahoo.com or +2348022378660
    visit my blog on: http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com/

  21. 26

    Yakub Giwa said,

    Tabligh is not a Jamath but for all Muslim together to be a Tabligh.
    Whether you are a Aleem, Imam, Governor, Chairman, Counsellor, Ulama, Chief e.tc…. The aim of Tabligh is to bring back the Umma to the Lever of Faith Anobi. Muhammed left them on the day He Rasul want to depart from this world. All Muslim are responsible to do the work of Tabligh since Rasul (P.B.U.H) is no more is work of me and you. Thanks

  22. 27

    salam allaikum to all……………nice hearing from u all brothers….the only coment ihave in regards to tabligh is that…………..Allah tahala said in the quran-majid….”worship ur Lord till yaqeen(death)comes to u”

    thats the simplest definition i would give for the effort of tabligh and dawat…..so may Allah in His mercy accept us and retain us till we breath our last…..

    brothers dua for me during ur khususi time with Allah….i am a nigerian living abroad somewhere in the corner of the world.

  23. 28

    mohammed riyazuddin said,

    assalam o alaikum rahmatullahi wa barkaathu
    plz mujhe nammaz tareeqa{rakaat kaise bhadhna ruku kaise karna sajda kaise karna detail send karo
    allah hafeez

  24. 29

    rehan said,

    If u ppl need a address of the tabliq jamat markaj any whr in the world…on google jst type tabliq jamat markaj addresss
    and the list will appear.

  25. 30

    tableigh ALLAH R USKY HABEIB E MUSTAFA(S.A.W.W.) say sulah karnay ka kam ha ye ksi firqay ki numainda nhe ha,,,ye siraf ISLAM ki numainda jmaat ha,,,lehaza is m shamil ho kar ALLAH R USKY RASOUL ko razi kar lein to app dono jhan m kamyab ho jaein gay

  26. 32

    rizwan shams said,

    tell me phone number of abu dhabi markaz…

  27. 34

    Musa said,

    assalamu alaykum, I’m tryng to get in contact with the administrator of this site. it’s there anyone who can help me?. Al-lah bless you all. Baraka al-lahufikum!!

  28. 35

    ali shah said,

    any one tablgi brother in malaysia contect me i need small help in malaysia alishahtime@yahoo.com

  29. 36

    Niaz Haroon said,

    1st ijtema will be started on 17,18,19 & 20th November 2011.
    2nd ijtema will be started on 24,25,26 & 27th November 2011.
    Raiwind near Lahore,Pakistan.

    Plz join the annual ijtema of raiwind, Pakistan.
    ALLAH give u its best reward in this world and last.

  30. 37

    Musaddiq said,


    Does any one know what are the usools of Jamaat?

  31. 38

    Rafeek Asharaf said,

    Assalamu Alaikum,warahamthullahee wa baraqatuhu,
    brothers My Name is Rafeek, working in Doha-Qatar.
    i would like to learn more about the Tableeg Jamath.

  32. 39

    Salim, Ibrahim Sheriff said,

    The Liberian markaz in “Day bread mouth open” is expected to be in use in running up to our ijtimma on march 30, all are invited…..

  33. 40

    Salim, Ibrahim Sheriff said,

    Liberia and sierra Leone markaz are doing fine but we are not updatewd on your list of markazes pl, consider this for we are all one ummat….

  34. 41

    Salim, Ibrahim Sheriff said,

    our markaz in Freetown is in Allen Town, east end of the city leading to Waterloo and the Liberian markaz is in “Day Break, mouth open” in Gardnersville. The email is tablighlib@yahoo.com and contact number is +2316886917590. May Allah guide and protect us and direct the attention of jamats to come to our ijtimma at the end of march2012.

  35. 42

    Giwa A. Giwa said,

    He who craves for the world can never sees the fulfillment of his desire without even prepared for his eternal life.

  36. 43

    ahmed said,

    please i want to meet tabligh in sweden in malmo [rosen gard] can you help me and sand me mail thank you so much

  37. 46

    Mohd aslam said,

    I love tablieg jamat

  38. 47

    Muhammed Farook said,

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah,

    how are you brothers ? i wanted to know the wereabouts of thableeg markaz in muscat(contact no. req please ) as i coudnt find the full contact details listed in this website,,

    Jazak Allah

  39. 48

    Assalamualikum Masallah Very good Site,

  40. 49

    saleem khan said,

    assalamualikum (india).pallikaranai maddavakkam halka,chennai. pallikaranaimasjidwar@rediffmail.com

  41. 50

    saleem said,

    assalamualikum today our city masura madarsa-e-noor choolai

  42. 51

    saleem said,

    assalamualikum today our city masura madarsa-e-noor choolai chennai

  43. 52

    saleem said,

    assalamualikum yesterday our chennai city masura karguzari ansar basha amir sab said,23,24,25 all india joad nizammudeen markaz details.yacob moulana said,tablighi field work is very easy catch storng moulana saad said,increises masjid-e-abath.

  44. 53

    saleem said,

    india(kerala)total:masjid24000ect,kerala(manapuram)7000masjid ect in tamilnadu total only 6000ect. pls dua for tamilnadu

  45. 54

    saleem said,

    assamualikum eid mubarak to all

  46. 55

    Address of Markaz in Canada and Norway are old, please find new addresses

  47. 56

    Hafeez said,

    Asslamu alikum for all ….i am Mohammed hafeez from India working in seychelles here no Jamath work .No markaz also how to start these amal Suggestions Please……

  48. 57

    نذير أحمد قاسمي said,

    Tablighi Jama’at matlab din ka kam logon ko yani Awam ko achhe kamon ki taraf Din ke umoor Namaz roza zakat sadqa Amr bil Maroof aur galat ya bure kam se rokna aj al hamdulillah dunya bhar me Da’wat ke kam aur mehnat ki wajah se lakhon carodon log Allah ki hidayat se aur Jama’at ki mehnat se sidhe raste par aa gaye hai
    الدين النصيحة ” كنتم خير أمة أخرجت للناس تأمرون بالمعروف و تنهون عن المنكر ” “بلغوعني ولو آية ” كلكم راعي وكلكم مسئول عن رعيته “

  49. 58

    Musa said,

    Assalamu’alaykum brothers and sisters: This is my new blog site: http://www.masislam.wordpress.com Please spread it to the world.

    Inside is the complete spanish translation of “Faza’ail ‘Amal’ by Sheikhil Hadiz Maulana Zakarya Khandalvi and other topics. Al-lah bless your effort.

  50. 59

    kandhlavi said,

    assalam alaikum bhai
    this is nadeem, it is good to see a webportal of tableeghee jamaat but brother it is not valid for you do develop such type of things without permission of elders. by the way, the website of tableegh is under construction and is coming soon on the net. duaa please and delete this blog.
    do not consider it as negative comment but theses things may harm if done without elders permission.
    your dream of website of tableegh is going to be true. khuda hafiz
    keep regular on salah (Namaz) and eimaan.

  51. 60

    Fajle Rabbi said,

    I want some post share of this web site.

  52. 61

    Haci Murad said,

    Assalamu alaikum!

    This masjid under Category jerman is not from tablig jemaat. We want deleted it.
    Thank you.
    “Masjid, Lindower str. 18-19, 1000 Berlin 65. (030) 4617026”

  53. 62

    Yakubu Giwa said,



    YOU CAN CONTACT ME ON: mr.giwa@yahoo.com or +2348022378660

  54. 63



    YOU CAN CONTACT ME ON: mr.giwa@yahoo.com or +2348022378660

  55. 64

    Giwa A. Giwa said,

    For full details click here: http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com/

  56. 65

    Giwa A. Giwa said,

    To know more on Islam and law that binding humanitarian and purpose of our creation and what is binding us in this life and life hereafter; For weekly articles and subscription Click here: http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com/

  57. 66

    Giwa A. Giwa said,

    THE FACT THAT BINDING VALENTINE’S DAY: REALITY, HISTORY AND JUDGEMENT; Click here for full details: http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com/

  58. 67

    rationalinferences said,

    Assalam alaikum..
    May Allah accept your work.

  59. 68

    Adil shabbir said,

    is there any nr for lahore raiwind i wanted to apply

  60. 69

    THE FACT THAT BINDING THE STATUS OF WOMAN IN ISLAM.; Click here for full details: http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com/

  61. 70

    READ LATEST ARTICLES ABOUT WOMEN AND WESTERNIZATION.Click here: http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com/

  62. 71


  63. 72

    isusu said,

    Asalamu alaykum to all muslims
    let us thank Allah 4 he has open the real truth in islam. Just try and come to Gambari in Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria. Allah had bring out his newly beloved waliyullah on earth

    • 73

      anonymous said,

      I need some information regarding , is there any way that some tabligi persons can convince someone to incline towards our deen if he does not practice religion very much and is not much intersted in dawaat-e-deen. If i can get some contact of some person who can tablig such person, I would be kind to contact them. Shayad is dawat-deen say kisi ki zindagi badal jaey, Jazak Allah khair

  64. 74

    Giwa A. Giwa said,

    Everything about Tabligh is that we are not Jamaat but a call to all Muslim according to Qur.an and Adith; all Muslim should not say Tabligh is a Jamaat (organization) and they are on their own, is not like that, because Allah call us the best of the nation which has been selected for the guidance of mankind. Jehovah Witness are doing the work of Muslim which they neglect the call of Allah and his Rasul and they call it is the work of Tabligh. Every Muslim should know that everyone will be question on how he or she met Islam and how he or she left it for; we are all going to read what we wrote one day.
    READ MORE ON MY WEEKLY ARTICLES AND YOU CAN CALL ME ON Phone: +2348035492460 Email: mr.giwa@yandex.com OR READ MORE ARTICLES WEEKLY ON: http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com/

  65. 75

    nasir said,

    Allaah says that which translates as:
    “And do not be like those who became divided and differed after the clear proofs had come to them. And they will have a great punishment.” (Aal ‘Imraan: 105).

  66. 76

    Musa said,

    assalamu’alaykum brothers and sisters: please visit this humble site related with Yama’at tabligh: http://www.masislam.wordpress.com Al-lah Ta’ala help us with this positive work of dawa to muslims and non muslims. AMIN.

  67. 77

    Musa said,

    assalamu’alaykum: To the administrator of this blog…will be possible to you to change the type characters color to a black one to get a more contrasted view and reasin? Baraka al-lahufikum. Al-lah ta’ala bless your efforts for you great service to the cause.

  68. 78

    Assalamu alykum arahhmatulla markaz elahi masjid – basirhat – north 24 pargana – west bengal – India call -91+8001133188

  69. 79

    a.wali said,

    assalamu alaikum Brother, the adress in Switzerland is wrong.
    the responsible Person`s Name is also wrong. Please dont write things from your mind…

    Jazakallah kahair

    A. A. W

  70. 80

    aman said,

    Assalm alaikum
    Maulana Saad db Maharashtra ki karguzari se bahut khush guys air bahut duaye di ask hamare yahan sangli me Bhai yusufbjai st air najeeb Baba aye the unhone ye vast batai

  71. 81

    zaid said,

    Assalamwalaikum…im not frm bang but i hve heard dat most of the masjids hve darga…I jst wanna knw hw many masjid is under tabligh

  72. 82

    zaid said,

    Assalamwalaikum. …brothers plz tell me which all masjids are without darga. .

  73. 83

    Yakubu Giwa said,

    Muslims are the people that believe in Allah [S.W.T] as the only God and believe in prophet Muhammad [S.A.W] as His messenger. They are the ones that have Islam as their only religion and Qur’an as their only book and they belief in six articles of faith. Muslims are also the ones that beliefs that one day, everyone will be resurrected on how he or she spent his/her life.CLICK HERE TO GET CONNECTED TO COMPLETE WEEKLY ISLAMIC ARTICLES FROM HERE: http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com

  74. 84

    Allah says: Today being the fourth sermon in the month of Rabi’ul- Awwal of the birth of the holy prophet (pbuh), our topic is CHARACTERS OF THE PROPHET (PBUH). Today the world is passionate need of a saviour that would salvage mankind from materialistic oppression, social injustice and moral decadence leading to misery, violation of rights, in the form of torture, rape, extortion, bloodshed, etc devoid of any known standard. There is none that can save from this reality except the divine revelation, and the guidance of the messenger of Allah- Muhammad, the seal of Prophets. Allah described the Prophet with the best character thus: ” وَإِنَّكَ لَعَلَى خُلُقٍ عَظِيمٍ “( القلم :4) “And indeed, you are of a great moral character. CLICK HERE TO GET CONNECTED TO COMPLETE WEEKLY ISLAMIC ARTICLES : http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com

  75. 85

    Giwa A. Giwa said,

    Having said that, Worshipers of Allah, I enjoin you and myself to fear Allah, through taqwa, Allah saves from all hardship, provide from all angles and grants one honour. Allah says: وَمَنْ يَتَّقِ اللَّهَ يَجْعَلْ لَهُ مَخْرَجًا (2) وَيَرْزُقْهُ مِنْ حَيْثُ لَا يَحْتَسِبُ …” (الطلاق : 2- 3 ) ” And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect.” ( 65: 2-3) . Allah says: “… إِنَّ أَكْرَمَكُمْ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ أَتْقَاكُمْ…” ( الحجرات : 13 ). Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. (49:13) Brothers in faith, this is the second sermon on Islamic brotherhood as established by the messenger (pbuh) in Madinah. Having discussed last the general understanding of brotherhood, we shall today focus on the role of Islamic brotherhood in societal reformation. GET CONNECTED TO COMPLETE WEEKLY ISLAMIC ARTICLES : http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com

  76. 86

    Noman Yousuf said,

    Assalm alaikum, I need to know the address of Tablighi Markaz at Villach Austria. If anyone know the address please inform me. I visit to Villach is expected in one week. Jazak Allah.

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